Email Support

Android Email Setup Guide (e.g. Samsung and Sony smartphones, tablets, etc)


This page will help you get Netcom mail on your android device…

Firstly you want to find the mail app on your android device it should look something like this:

If you already have an account on the phone then to get Netcom mail you have to go to the setting by tapping the button in the top left, tapping the button labelled “Settings” which will bring you to a new page where you can tap the button labelled “add account”.

Now you will be on a screen with lots of different mail providers tap the one that says “other” (if the phone didn’t have a mail account before this you would already be on this page).

You will then be brought to a page where it asks you for your email. As you can see I have entered my email already.

After that you will be asked what type of account it is you have to tap “POP3”.

It then asks you for your emails password, enter it as it says.

You will then be taken to a screen titled “Incoming server settings” under the tab server it should say “” you have to change that to “” and check that the port number is on 995 and SSL security is enabled, then continue to the next page.

Android Incoming mail settings

This next page is similar to the last all you have to do is change the bit that says “” to “” add the port number 465 and enable SSL security. Next, press continue.

Android Outgoing mail server settings

On the next page you can have the settings as you want them.

This page is quite important as it shows who you will be shown as when sending an email. As you can see I have set my name as Netcom.

You will then be taken to a blank inbox.


To refresh the mail scroll down the screen and it will show you your recent mail.

To compose an email just tap the button in the bottom right of the screen.