Co-Location Server Hosting

We host all of our own servers and our customers’ servers in the Telehouse data centre in Docklands, London.  We are proud to be in Telehouse as this is the original and best data centre and is the “home of the Internet” in the UK.

Our range of server hosting and co-location services give fast and secure server hosting in Telehouse, London, UK. Whether you have your own server to install or are looking to rent a server from us, our co-location facilities will not disappoint.

All co-location space includes:
Shared space in 19" Cooper B Line rack
Co-located in Telehouse Docklands, London, UK
Customer Maintained remotely
You have access to your server
Shared 100 Mbit feed
20 Gigabytes free bandwidth per month
2 Static IP Addresses
2 Clean power feeds
1 Port on KVM switch 

All hosting includes clean power and a port into a 100 MBit Internet switch.

1u 19

1u 19" co-located rack space in Telehouse London
£60.00 Per Month + £250.00 Setup

2u 19

2u 19" co-lo rack space located in Telehouse, London
£120.00 Per Month + £250.00 one off


4u 19

4u 19" co-lo rack space located in Telehouse, London
£225.00 Per Month + £250.00 Setup


12u 19

12u 19" co-lo rack space located in Telehouse, London
£590.00 Per Month + £250.00 Setup



23u 19

23u 19" co-lo rack space in Telehouse
£905.00 Per Month + £250.00 Setup




Offsite Server Assistance 9am to 5pm

Remote assistance for your co-located server in Telehouse, London.

If you are having problems with your Linux or Windows server we can help remotely.

£48.00 Per Hour

Onsite Server Assistance at Telehouse, London: 9am to 5pm

Onsite assistance at Telehouse, London between the hours of 9am to 5pm for your server.

£75.00 Per Hour + £250.00 one off

Onsite Server Assistance at Telehouse, London: 24/7/365

24/7/365 onsite assistance at Telehouse for your server. 

£98.00 Per Hour + £350.00 one off

Server Hosting Bandwidth

When you purchase server hosting from Net Communications you will be billed for the bandwidth your server uses at the following rates.

Up to...  

Monthly Cost

20 gig per month 


40 gig per month 

£150 per month

80 gig per month 

£285 per month

160 gig per month

£395 per month

325 gig per month

£580 per month

650 gig per month

£895 per month

We measure bandwidth as the total amount of data transferred in and out of your server in one calendar month.

Some more details on Net Communications Co-Location services


Multiple mains electricity feeds are supported by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system with generator backup. All of our power back-up systems are individually maintained and checked on a routine basis. Redundant n+1 equipment provides spare capacity to enable maintenance and repairs without interruption to customer services.


Net Communications’ network is directly connected to the Internet backbone via multiple 100 Mbps connections.   We are peered with over 100 of the biggest Internet companies and new peers are being added every day.

Fire Suppression

Should a fire break out then our FM200 Fire Suppression System will be triggered, in seconds FM200 gas will be released into the room extinguishing the fire.

Multiple sensors are used, if any one of these sensors detect a fire for more than 15 seconds, the FM200 gas is released.

Climate Control

The Datacentre's HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are n+1 redundant. With full particle filtering and humidity control, the environment is maintained at a cool 68 degrees to ensure a comfortable environment for your server.


The site is manned 24/7 by trained, uniformed security staff to provide a deterrent to unauthorized access. CCTV, with time-lapse videoing, both internally and externally provides information to a security control centre on possible intrusion. Proximity cards control access within the facility.