DLM/Dynamic Line Management

DLM is Dynamic Line Management, a fully automated monitoring system which runs on broadband ADSL lines. The system runs 24/7 and is designed to help keep the line stable. It does this by applying different profiles to the line based on the current line conditions. The profiles will change the error correction and the speed of the line.

On Network (LLU) lines have the option of enabling this system but it is off by default and the line profiles controlled manually. If you would like to enable DLM please contact Technical Support.

Off Network (BT Wholesale) lines are managed by a BTW system. During the first 10 days after a new line is installed this system will be regularly adjusting the profiles in order to find the correct one for the line. This is why there is a 10 day stabilization period.

If the DLM detects errors, dropping connection or low sync rates it will lower the throughput of the line and/or increase the error correction on the line in order to help keep the line healthy. The profile will be updated within 75 minutes of the issue occurring.

The profile will then remain unchanged until the condition of the line improves and remains so for between 4 hours and 72 hours at which point the DLM will increase the profile accordingly. If at any time the condition re-occurs the timing is reset and it will take another 4 – 72 hours before it increases the profile.