IP range – Additional IP addresses for your ADSL installation
£5.00 + VAT Per Month

A basic Wireless N ADSL modem, microfilter and leads
£49.99 + VAT

Pre configured ADSL Wired or Wireless Router 
You can connect up to 4 PCs together on a network and give them Internet access via your ADSL broadband with this ADSL broadband 4 port router.  We will send the router to your premises via Royal Mail Special Delivery and talk you through plugging this into your telephone network and connecting your devices.
£99.99 + VAT

ADSL wireless USB adapters – For a PC or Laptop without built in WiFi

Wireless N USB dongle 39.00 + VAT

ADSL Microfilter

Business class ADSL filter. Many other cheaper ADSL filters are available but we don’t stock them or recommend there use. These business class ADSL microfilters will ensure that your voice line remains crisp and clear.
£9.50 + VAT each

Preconfigured Wireless ADSL Office
We will configure a high quality Wireless ADSL Router uniquely for your network and talk you through connecting your computers up to it for wireless broadband Internet access. We will ensure that the wireless network is secure by ensureing firmware is up to date and utilising WPA2 security.
If wireless networks are installed without thought for security, any roaming hacker may join and damage your network.  Have peace of mind by letting the professionals configure your network.
We will talk you through installing and plugging in the wireless router and any USB dongles and within a short space of time you will be surfing the web!

Securely preconfigured:
Basic Wireless N ADSL Router £99 + VAT
USB Wireless N Dongle £39 + VAT

Other wireless devices are available which provide greater coverage and can be quote for depending on your rwequirements.  Not sure then please do not hesitaet to get in touch and speak with one of our engineers.

One off technical support incident

Some users may not need ongoing technical support but may require one off assistance every now and then. For these customers we offer technical support in one hour blocks.

This package includes: 1 hour of phone technical support for Internet related problems.
£48.00 + VAT