If the modem or router has not synchronised, the ADSL/line/link LED light will flash steadily and will not remain on. Other lights – LAN, WLAN, Internet will flicker as they transfer data and this is normal.

Follow the steps below if your ADSL light is flashing.

Step 1: Check for dial tone on your line:

Go to the telephone nearest to (or connected to the same micro-filter as) your ADSL modem/router, lift the receiver, and then check for normal dial tone. If there is no dial tone, unplug all your ADSL equipment (filters and modem/router) and check for a dial tone again, if there is still no dial tone, please contact your telephony provider.

Step 2: Check that all connections to your ADSL device are properly secure:

Check that the cable connection from the ADSL modem/router is connected to the correct port on your PC located at the rear of your computer.

Check that your modem/router is receiving power (shown by LED activity).

Ensure that the telephone cord connects from the ADSL modem/router to the ADSL port on the micro-filter.

Check the connection of the micro-filter into the wall socket. Ensure that the line to your ADSL modem/router is not connected through the telephone side of the micro-filter.

Step 3: Attempt to synchronise your ADSL modem/router:

Shut down your computer

Disconnect the cable connecting the ADSL modem/router to the port on the computer.

Re-power the ADSL modem/router: Switch on your computer and allow to boot. With your computer still powered up, reconnect the cable connecting the ADSL modem/router to the correct port on the computer.

Check the ADSL light on the ADSL modem/router. If the power light is lit permanently and the ADSL light is on and not blinking at regular intervals, then the ADSL modem/router is synchronised and operating.

Step 4: Change ADSL Location:

If the ADSL modem/router still does not synchronize, temporarily move the computer, ADSL modem/router, and all necessary connections to the test socket behind the faceplate of your master socket. Do not swap the micro-filter at the first location with that of the second location.

Connect the equipment the same way as it was done before: Connect the ADSL modem/router to the ADSL port of the micro-filter from the new socket. Connect the ADSL modem/router to the computer.

Try again for ADSL modem/router synchronisation: Reboot the computer and check the ADSL modem/router lights for synchronisation.

If you are still experiencing ‘no sync’ once these checks have been done, please contact Technical Support for further advice.