Intermittent Connection

A connection can become intermittent in several different ways. Either the signal between your router and the equipment in the exchange can degrade to the point that the router cannot maintain the signal or your PPP session can be disrupted forcing the router to log in again.

Prior to raising a fault there are several checks that you can carry out that may restore service or demonstrate that the fault lies beyond our remit. Please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure that your phone line is working normally and free of noise or interference. A broadband service requires a working phone line and if there are any problems with the phone service these will need to be raised and resolved first.

2. Try and connect the modem/router to the BT test socket, leaving all other equipment disconnected. At your master socket you should be able to remove the lower two thirds of the faceplate and you will find another telephone socket behind it. With the faceplate removed your extensions are disconnected and only that test socket is active.


3. Whilst in the test socket, try an alternative microfilter to ensure it is not the filter that has failed.

4. Ensure that your router is configured with the correct settings which can be found here.

5. Ensure that your router does not have an idle timeout configured within its settings – this would prompt it to logout automatically after a period of inactivity

6. Test your router on another broadband line to see if it is stable there or test another broadband router on your line to ensure that the router is working correctly.

If none of these tests are able to restore stability to your connection then please contact Technical Support for further investigation.