If you have no Internet (no sync) then first thing you need to be looking at is your internal wiring and equipment that you own.

1. Make sure you are using the latest firmware on your modem/router. You can usually download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.

2. If you are using wireless please try using an ethernet cable instead to rule out problems with the wireless.

3. Please connect a telephone to the socket and check you have a dial tone and that it is clear from any noise or crackling. If the line is noisy try disconnecting the router from the line. If the noise on the line is still present or you have no dial tone, please call your telephony provider.

4. Please connect your router up to the test socket (please see for assistance) while using a different micro filter and with a different router. Please also disconnect any other non-ADSL devices from the line (including telephones, fax machines Sky etc.) to rule out your equipment/setup as being the cause.

If you still have no Internet once these checks have been done, please contact Technical Support for further advice and inform them you have completed the above checks.

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