Site Updates and Monthly Maintenance Packages

Your website runs on WordPress which also requires themes and plugins for the design and functions to operate correctly.  We do offer a website maintenance package charged at £10 + VAT per month, however if you are not on this package you will need to manually update your plugins, themes, and WordPress core regularly to keep them functioning as intended and for security purposes. “Please note that if a site gets compromised through outdated plugins, themes or the WordPress core, we will remove the site from our servers.”

Before proceeding, we advise that you run a backup of your site’s files and database(s).  If your site breaks as a result of an update you will need a backup to revert back to.  This can be done through FTP and cPanel or using a dedicated plugin.

To run the updates on your WordPress site, please head over to your admin area then click on Dashboard then Updates. On this page, you will see any outstanding updates that are available.

To update themes, plugins and the WordPress core, check the box next to the outstanding update then press Update. We advise updating the plugins first, then themes and finally WordPress.

Once they have been completed make sure your site is functioning the way it should.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email: