Server update and restart – planned maintenance – 12th August 2022 – 21:00

The technical team are making some planned changes and upgrades to the servers which will require a final reboot and restart.

This final process requires a few minutes of downtime for all services which should take around 10 minutes. Once back up services will resume as normal.

They have scheduled this in at a suitable time to provide less disruption during working hours:

2100-2200 UTC – 12/08/2022


Ben Clanford. One of Net Communications first employees and dedicated account manager who has always put his valued customers first over the years. We are hoping that we could all come together and help support him and his family following devastating news given to them. If you can possibly help, even if it is by sharing the links below, offering something we can raffle off or by giving any advice how to help promote this campaign then we would be extremely grateful.

A brief history:

Ben’s son Alfie was only 10 when diagnosed with Leukaemia on Christmas day 2020 and has been in out of hospital with him for various treatments ever since, some of which no child let alone an adult should have to endure. After many months of various hospitals, treatments, and trips to specialists across the country it is looking like his second transplant, which he had in January this year through a trial at Manchester Children’s Hospital, is still going well. They have another operation scheduled for mid-August where they will do another bone marrow biopsy which will hopefully give them the results they have been waiting for where the leukaemia cells are lower than before, or even better no longer there. Even then his son’s journey will far be from over as will still need years of regular hospital visits, blood checks and procedures due to all the chemotherapy, risks of further illnesses and complications due to this treatment.

A recent story in our local paper with links to his own GoFundMe:

To help:

His brother-in-law is running a marathon next month to help raise additional awareness and funds, to which I will place the link below. If you have a member in your company who deals with Corporate Social Responsibility, please do pass this on in case we can help with some publicity or sponsorship during the marathon:

I do feel that with your help we can easily help Ben and his family receive some additional and needed support whilst his son battles this horrible disease and tries to get back to some kind of normal life.