The initial setup of your broadband (ADSL) connection consists of two parts; Physical and configuration.

To start with you will need to connect your ADSL router to your telephone line. For best results the router should be connected directly to the master socket where the line enters the property. You will need to connect the ADSL port on router through a microfilter to one of your telephone sockets.

You will also ensure that any other device connected to your phone line is connecting likewise through a microfilter to ensure that the ADSL signal from the exchange is sent only to the router.

Once the router is connected to the telephone line you will need to connect it to your computer either via an ethernet network cable or by connecting to it’s wireless network if this is available.

You will then need to configure the router to login to our network. Some routers will ship with an install CD which will guide you through this process but they will also run a small webserver that you can connect to in order to enter the correct settings. Consult your router manual for details on how to access this.

You will be asked for several settings, the main details that you will require are your ADSL username and password which will have been sent to you in your welcome letter when the service was ordered. You will also be asked for several other details that specify how the router should connect, our network uses the same default values as most other ISPs in the UK but you can confirm these details here.