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SpamExperts is amongst the largest e-mail security processors in the world. We have now integrated SpamExperts across all our servers to combat the ever-evolving spam threats and vulnerabilities. SpamExperts uses a complex algorithm to filter out threats from incoming and outgoing e-email messages thus preventing unwanted and potentially harmful spam. An added benefit of this service is that it can be accessed by the end user. All e-mails are stored within the Spam Quarantine filter and customers can train and release these as legitimate as they wish.

If you would like to view emails that are held in a queue due to being a high risk of spam you can do so from your control panel, this will allow you to train an email that has been falsely flagged up as spam or whitelist an address. From your control panel, you can also set up individual logins which makes it possible for other email users to view their quarantined messages and personal email settings rather than going through your control panel

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How to create email users

  1. Log into your Netcom control panel
  2. Find the Email section and then click the SpamExperts icon.
  3. Click ‘Login’ next to your domain name.
  4. Click ‘Manage email users’ under ‘Users & Permissions’
  5. Click ‘Add’ on the left to create a new user.
  6. Fill in what is required, including a secure password.

To make the password secure it will need the following: six characters with one or more uppercase letter(s) or digit(s) and one or more lowercase letter(s) with no spaces Finally, click ‘Save’ You can also upload CSV file with details such as username, password etc.

Manage email users

Go to ‘Manage Email Users’ and click the drop-down arrow next to the user. You can do the following: – Edit, Change Username, Password – Delete users – You can log in as a user. – You can enforce 2FA security

Train Spam in Quarantine

Train as Not Spam

1.  Click on ‘Spam Quarantine’ from within your control panel under your email section, it may be labled ‘Professional Spam Filter’

Quarantine Emails

2. Find the email you want to Whitelist

Find Email to Whitelist

3. Release and Train from Quarantine


Train Spam with Email Message

1. Log in to your SpamExperts Dashboard: with your details that we have previously supplied, if you do not have these, please email in a request from an account holder’s email address.  Once logged in, click on ‘Dashboard’.

2. Click ‘Train Spam’

Save your spam message as .msg (if using Outlook > File > Save As …msg).  Other email platforms may vary, please consult your email client’s support, however we do offer support at our usual rates if required.  This then needs to be uploaded to train your spam filters. To do so, simply upload the .msg file or Drag and Drop and select the file.

3. Then click on “upload”.