Which FTP program should I use to transfer files to my Webspace?


There is no single FTP program that we recommend you use in order to transfer files to and from your Webspace.

A variety of FTP programs are available online, and these fit into the same categories as most other software:

Freeware – permanently free
Shareware – free to try for a short period, followed by a charge
Commercial – sometimes available as a free trial, followed by a charge. Commercial programs are generally more expensive than shareware.

You may wish to try a few different FTP programs in order to decide which one suits you best. The no-risk approach is to try freeware or shareware programs in the first instance; if these programs meet your requirements, there's no need to go for a commercial solution.

Some FTP programs for you to try

If you don't have an FTP program installed, perhaps you need some pointers on which program to try. Here's a selection of FTP programs for you to check out.

Note: our technical support team are unable to provide assistance in using FTP programs unless you have a support subscription. If you're having difficulty using a particular FTP program, please consult its help documentation. Also remember to check that you are using the correct Webspace access settings for your account.

Using FTP through a Web browser

You may be able to access the Webspace FTP server using nothing more than a Web browser. Note that FTP programs usually provide a more stable environment for transferring files via FTP than do Web browsers. In addition, not all Web browsers provide the same level of support for FTP, so you may not be able to use your preferred browser to transfer files.

Instead of the usual http:// prefix, FTP addresses begin with ftp://

Enter the FTP server address for your Webspace (including the ftp:// prefix) into your Web browser.

You should be prompted for your Webspace username and password. Enter these and then click Log On.

You should now see the files and folders on the FTP server in the same way you would if they were stored in a folder on your desktop.

You can drag files over the window to upload them from your computer to the Webspace server. You can also move, rename and delete files on the server through this interface.

Remember that the most reliable way to transfer your files to the Webspace server is to use a dedicated FTP program.