Adding a GDPR consent checkbox to the Divi contact form

If you are using the Divi theme, login and view the contact page or any page that holds a contact form then go to > Enable Divi Builder > Hover over Module Settings on the contact form.

Open Divi builder.

Click on > Add new field

Add new field

Click on > Field Options > Type > Checkboxes


Fill out the other options as per screenshot and make sure 'Required Field' is enabled.


Then click on 'Options Link' which is the third one in from the right

And add the link to your privacy policy page as per screenshot. If you do not have a privacy policy page you can use the standard WordPress one and then fill in your own specific details.


Now gMessage patternso back and fill in email and message pattern

Make sure your captcha is also enabled to reduce the amount of spam you recieve through the web form.


Your form should look like this. Please be sure to check it is working and linking to the correct page.

Finished GDPR form

If you would like us to do this for you there will be a one-off admin fee of £25 + VAT, please contact us for more details