We use the following settings on our network:

Encapsulation: PPPoA (PPP over ATM).

Multiplexing: VC-MUX or VC-Based.

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Modulation: Multimode or automatic. However

ADSL1 (up to 8Mb) connections: Multimode or G.DMT

ADSL2+ (up to 24Mb) connections: Multimode or ADSL2+

Enhanced Upstream (AnnexM) connections: Some routers will explicitly require AnnexM or ADSL2+/AnnexM

DNS: Obtain automatically or dynamic. This means if we change the DNS servers your service should be unaffected.

IP Address: Obtain automatically or dynamic.

MTU: This should be left on the router default unless addressing a specific problem. It should be 1500 or as close to this as the router will accept.