On Net Off Net

On-Network and Off-Network refer to the different mechanisms by which we can supply your connection.

On-Network means that you are connected directly to our suppliers Next Generation Network, using their own equipment held within your local BT exchange. As the equipment and links are directly under their control we can take full advantage of the latest technologies and it is optimised to deliver services and quality that users will want today and for many years to come.  On-Network also means that we can provide ADSL2+ connections with speeds of up to 24Mb down and 1Mb up.

Off-Network means that we have no presence within your local BT exchange and instead lease your connection from BT Wholesale. As such we are limited to the terms of the service and systems that they provide and a maximum speed of ADSL 8 Mb down and 896Kbp up with a contention ratio of 20:1.